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Portugal in Brazil: a team for a nation

Cristiano Ronaldo · 

It's an enourmous pride to represent and to captain the Portuguese National Team. Pride, satisfaction, pleasure and honor, but also a big responsibility. Above all, it’s the country that is at stake and we know that an entire nation - composed of 10 million Portuguese plus the ones living abroad - not only has their eyes set on us but also thrills with our successes and cries with the less good moments. I confess that there are feelings that do not change much as the years roll: I still shiver when I hear the Portuguese anthem and there is nothing that compares to it. I hope one day I win a title with the National Team.

We left for the World Cup in Brazil with hope, but also making sure that we keep our feet firmly on the ground. We have ambition, but with the awareness that we have to set ourselves some goals, step by step, game by game. Calmly but with confidence.

We are not favorites, indeed, but we will, as always, try to do the best possible. We know that we have a difficult group stage. In fact, in my opinion, it’s the strongest group of the World Cup, but let's take one step at a time. We know we have an important match against Germany, the first one in the competition, then against Ghana, and finally against the United States. Our goal is obviously to pass the group stage. Then we'll see.

Compete in the World Cup in a brother country like Brazil is also appealing. Portugal and Brazil have historical connections, both countries speak the same language, so I think it will be a fantastic experience and I believe that the Brazilians will also support us.

JonathanCR7 ·

Ronaldo can you Follow me i Came late i joined today

youcanseeme ·

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