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Ex-MMA fighter War Machine convicted of 29 counts in kidnapping, assault of ex-girlfriend

Official News · 

Former MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine, was found guilty of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend by a Las Vegas jury on Monday.

Jurors deadlocked on two attempted-murder charges, but Koppenhaver was convicted on 29 other counts related to the beating and sexual assault of Christine Mackinday, who goes by her adult film name Christy Mack, in August 2014. 

Coercion, dissuading a witness, battery by strangulation, kidnapping and sexual assault were among the 29 charges on which the former fighter was found guilty. 

Koppenhaver was also found guilty of assaulting a male, Corey Thomas, who was in Mack's apartment the day of the attack. He could face up to life in prison.

Koppenhaver, who will be sentenced in June, went by his birth name during the trial. He legally changed it to War Machine during his 19-fight MMA career.

During testimony, Mackinday alleged Koppenhaver abused and sexually assaulted her during the incident. She suffered a broken nose, missing teeth, fractured eye socket, leg injuries and a lacerated liver. She claims Koppenhaver cut some of her wigs before inserting a knife in her ear and threatening to kill her, and says he groped, raped her and kicked her in the ribs.

Mackinday, 24, said she was knocked unconscious and woke up on the floor of her bathroom. She said she then ran from her house naked to a neighbors' home after hearing Koppenhaver rummaging through drawers in her kitchen for another knife after his first knife broke. 

Koppenhaver's attorney conceded his client was guilty of beating Mackinday during their relationship, but said that he was not guilty of attempted murder and sexual assault charges. The defense team also claimed the fighter suffered from brain injuries from his MMA career and could have had "roid rage" at the time. 



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