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Spurs fans are asking for there to be a "closed page" for them, as they don't like people coming back at them, when they spent time on other pages most of the season mocking others. Question: If that were to happen, who thinks it would then be acceptable for them to "troll" other pages? Should it be that if you can't converse with others, then you shouldn't be allowed on other pages? Seems awfully preposterous to me that they just want a life where they can get to others and then run back to their suffocating box! 🙄
Johnnyb86 ·


dickadams ·

😂😂😂😂 what a bunch of gimps. Cause we're on here laughing at them on a Friday night, does that mean we haven't got a life? 😂😂

Gareth1976 ·

No if they can't take it then don't dish it out, and it would be boring not being able to rib other teams fans, I love giving Chelsea fans and United fans stick and taking it back. But it don't harm to Congrats a team at the end 😁

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