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Favourite sports player in each sport of all time... Golf: Tiger Woods Tennis : Roger Federer Basketball : Michael Jordan Snooker : Ronnie O'Sullivan Rugby : Jonah Lomu Football : Zinedine Zidane MMA : GSP Boxing : Mike Tyson Wrestling : Shawn Michaels Darts: Phil Taylor Cricket : Kevin Pieterson Olympian : Usain Bolt Copy, edit and paste
Scruffyant ·

Golf: Gary Player: Tennis: John McEnroe: Snooker: Ronnie: Rugby: Billy Whizz: Football: Georgie Best: Boxing: Iron Mike: Wrestling: Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree) Darts: The Power: Cricket: Sorry, just fell asleep zzz: Olympian: Bolt: 

dickadams ·

Golf: woods, tennis: djokovic (something like that), snooker: Hendry, rugby: wilkinson, football: Tevez, boxing: Benn, wrestling: Texas tornado, darts: power, cricket: aravinda de silva, Olympian: Redgrave

DannyTeal ·

Ooo good one Bradders. I'll reply to this shortly mate. I need to have a think about my answers dude 👍🏻

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Juan Sanchez 4805 pts
Alessandro Vetuschi 4652 pts