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So what do we think will be the top 8 this season? I'm an Everton fan, but even with our spending it's going to be hard to improve upon 7th. We're going to have to finish above one of the teams who regard anything less than 4th a failure/sackable offence. But here we go: 1. City 2. Spurs 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool 5. United 6. Everton 7. Arsenal 8. Leicester I think Conte will drop after last year, and he'll suffer the classic "sussed out" second season, where people now know how to play them. Losing Costa is huge, even if they replace him. Pep can't get it wrong two years in a row. United are still dodgy. Arsenal feel like they're just stagnant. Liverpool scare me as they could even challenge.
Bradder83 ·

Given what you have spent this window, what would you say constitutes failure, or success?

dan ·

It's really hard to say that only x place will be a succes. There are 6 teams above us who all think only top 4 will do. So it's all well and good me saying I hope to push for top 5, but the numbers mean that at least 4/5 of the top teams will havd an "unsuccessful" season. The expectation is mental. Several of those managers might well get sacked if they don't make top 4! Only Poch/Klopp/Koeman are safe if they miss-out on CL.

Scruffyant ·

Do you see any Leicesteresq wild cards crashing the party?