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That's just cruel .... and so 😂

dannyteal ·

Where do I order one? 😂😂👍🏻

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Austin Reynolds 530 pts
mark wootten 530 pts
Jonathan Thompson 524 pts

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EX-PLAYER PUNDITS: I'm all for change and innovation in football as long as it brings something positive or entertaining to the game. With ex-players I guess the theory is that because of their experience, the ex-players will bring an informative incite to our experience of watching the game. Do they though? Ok yes, there are some pundits that describe the technicalities of the game, helping us spot something that we might not see for ourselves, but for the most part, I find that most of these ex-player pundits just seem to shower us with what particular opinion enters their brain at that very moment. The strange thing is that the next time a similar incident takes place they often reverse their point of view, showing little to no consistency at all. It bothers me so much that I don't even bother listening to them anymore. I don't watch the pre-match, post-match or the half time chat anymore. It just seems like a complete waste of life. Plus what's annoying is that most of what these guys have to offer is opinion based on their personal bias and all it's really doing is jacking up my tv subscriptions as we all have to pay for their super inflated salaries. Personally I'd be happy to watch a game that is being described only by a professional commentator as it's a real pain in the arse to have to suffer the bias ramblings of Robbie Savage while I'm trying to enjoy a game. I don't really care what a player may have achieved during their career as it Is no measure of intelligence, but having a player that can avoid bias and be able to bring some proper technical expertise to their analysis would be good. Kevin Kilbane is one of my favourite as he doesn't showboat like most of the others and he always offers up a decent point of view. Anyhoo, what's your thoughts are ex-player pundits, a benefit or are they just a bunch of over opinionated, overpaid bullshitters who help the tv companies rob my pockets by charging me extortionate fees...?