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Jus read about shaqri when he played for bayern and juve liverpool all came in for him but he legit chooses Stoke City THE REASON --STOKE BEING CLOSER TO ALTON TOWERS.

Premier League




Austin Reynolds 520 pts
Jonathan Thompson 517 pts
mark wootten 514 pts

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FAKE NEWS DAILY: UEFA have been conducting a super secret study into the possible effects of Brexit on football. A 'hard' Brexit, as suggested by Teressa May is likely to see a second independence referendum north if the border with Scotland leaving the UK. Northern Ireland too could leave and in order to create a new and exciting league UEFA has been working with Sky Sports and Barry Hearn to create a combined League for the two, soon to be independent states. The major issue is a lack of teams that could compete with the likes of Celtic and Rangers but it is believed that the English FA have offered both Merseyside clubs, Liverpool and the other one as part of a deal. It is believed that a spokesman from the FA was overheard chatting on the phone in a public toilet 'No one gives a sh*t about the bin dippers or their blue B team' He added 'It will be a great opportunity to spare rival English fans of the annual It's ghhonna bhhhee aughh yhhear" claims and I know literally ...TENS of people that would pay good money to see a league that contained Rangers, Celtic, the Dippers and their poor cousins' UEFA planners insist that it is technically possible to dig a wide canal around Merseyside in order to cement a permanent separation from the UK and help rule out any possible return to England Premier League for Liverpool.. In light of leaked documents relating to these plans it is understood that all those whinging 'Remain' biatches that have been banging on about ' the racist have ruined our kids futures' are now seeing Brexit as a positive now they know that it is likely to mean that Liverpool will be leaving the UK. Recent polls suggest that the Brexit majority would now be 98%. We attempted to get the thoughts of Kenny Dalgleish but he declined to comment... anyway, it's difficult to talk when, like every other Liverpool fan, your head is buried in the sand...! So, there you have it... Brexit is a good thing and suddenly UEFA is everyone's favourite governing body.... #Bants