Join a league

  • Private league – Create a league and share the unique code with anyone you want to join. You can choose when the league finishes and how many competitions are involved (maximum = five).
  • Public leagues – Take on the world by simply jumping into one of the many public leagues on Sportlobster. If you feel like you aren’t up to the challenge, you can leave any league at any time.

Make Your Picks

  • You can make your picks on any fixtures starting in the next 7 days, just select the result you think.
  • You can view your next 14 days worth of picks for your leagues, but any that start more than 7 days ahead will be locked until then.
  • A prediction closes five minutes before a game starts, so make sure to get your picks in! Choose wisely, because once you’ve choosen, you cannot change your mind.

Climb To The Top

  • For every correct call, you will earn points. Back the underdog for the best score.
  • Leagues are updated every hour, so it is easy to check where you stand against your friends and rivals.
  • You are ranked on cumulative points – not accuracy percentage.
  • Any newcomers will enter with the amount of points they’ve carried over from previous eligible predictions, regardless of join date.

The breakdown of points

The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Back the underdog for more points

It's El Clasico and you've picked Real Madrid to win! If you are correct, you will earn six points as 40-49% of fans have picked them too!

Points are calculated on the percentage as at the start of play