Work on a profession as a personal chef

Work on a profession as a personal chef

Are you interested in starting a job as a personal chef? Want to discover more about the culinary industry but do not know where to start? Have you considered culinary school? All of these questions have led you to this article to become a personal chef where you can find useful suggestions that help you make some important decisions about your future career in culinary industry.

Based on in depth research and some work experience from my wife I compiled this helpful guide for people who hope to have a career in cooking. My wish is to help you get your own chef goals.

Choosing to become a personal chef is a very important decision it can mean that you start a career while cooking or changing your career completely. For several prospective personal chefs they choose a career path completely different from what they have been trained and trained for. Your goal of becoming a personal chef will combine your interests in entrepreneurship cooking and total enjoyment in life for a more valuable and fun cooking career.

Even if you do not focus on personal cookery education you can learn more about the culinary industry cooking strategies and kitchen products.

To begin with make sure you have the right and proper equipment. A personal chef must have sharp knives of good quality. Do not worry that sharp knives really help you to clear the damage. I know its contra intuitive but its true. Flat knives tend to get stuck and cause uneven cutting that can lead to slip and damage.

You also want to make a list of all the items you need regularly. This may vary from chef to chef as some will prefer food processors compared to hand mixers etc. The trick to determine the best items is to look at what you use when cooking in the kitchen. Then after a few weeks you will have a good idea of how much you use different kitchen appliances pans or pots. When done choose your things you know what you will have for your portable pantry.

What is a portable pantry? Glad you asked this is usually a few buckles like to use Rubbermaid. You can store your pots and pans and other items for convenient transportation to your cookie date. Usually you can divide each bucket into a category such as wets dry stuff and appliances. My wife used a big bucket for appliances a medium bucket for wets and a little too dry stuff.

OK. Now that you are good with your kitchenware make sure you have a food safety class. There are many educational institutions that offer one. This is quite useful because it shows you have done your due diligence and you can be surprised at how much you will learn. The majority of food safety is common sense but not all.

Finally I recommend exercises. Find some friends who like your cooking and perform a cookie date. I strongly recommend that you review the entire process. Interview them first and find out what they like and do not like. Then use this information to create a suggested meal plan for the week. This allows you to practice blend and match your meals and pages. Eventually when the meal plan has been created and your customers have approved it it will start.

At the cook cook date be sure to take your pantry and start shopping early so you have plenty of time to cook. Plan on the right number of people and serving sizes. These are things that you need to have discussed when interviewing your customers. When cooking be sure to look carefully at the time and make sure you do things in the correct order. Thats why I recommend some training sessions. You do not want to spend the whole time or find out that you did something too soon or late.

Becoming a personal chef can be a truly fulfilling career for many people possibly even you. I hope to provide education to help you achieve your goals.

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